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Kainuu MTBO Week is arranged in Kajaani 30.6.-5.7.2024. MTBO Week consists of four different races in two different terrain types in Vimpelinvaara and Joutenlampi pine forests. In first two races competition center is located in Vimpeli sports center close to Kajaani city center and in latter two in Joutenlampi Kainuu Orienteering Week’s competition center. You can also combine Kainuu MTBO Week and KOW in desired way. First and last races are arranged in same days but with different schedule, and two other races during rest days of KOW.

First Kainuu MTBO Week race 30.6. is also Finnish championships for mass start and test race for WMTBOC 2024 in Bulgaria.

Kainuu MTBO Week is part of Finnish National MTBO Cup.


1. Vimpeli sport center / Vimpelinvaara

  • Sunday 30.6.2024
  • first start 10:00
  • Finnish Champs for mass start
  • terrain with skiing tracks, technical paths and also some steep slopes 

2. Vimpeli sport center / Vimpeli-Hoikanlampi

  • Monday 1.7.2024
  • first start 11:00
  • sprint distance
  • areas with lots of paths, moderate height differencies

3. Joutenlampi KOW center / Joutenlampi

  • Wednesday 3.7.2024
  • first start 11:00
  • long distance
  • pine forest terrain with some steep slopes

4. Joutenlampi KOW center / Joutenlampi

  • Friday 5.7.2024
  • first start 14:30
  • middle distance
  • fast Joutenlampi pine forest terrain

Kainuu MTBO Week 2024: Vimpelinvaara 30.6. Vimpeli/Hoikanlampi 1.7. Joutenlampi 3.7. Joutenlampi 5.7.

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