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First Kainuu MTBO Week will be arranged in Puolanka from 3rd to 8th of July 2022. MTBO Week consists of four races from three different competition centres. Program is planned in a way that competitors can participate both Kainuu MTBO Week and Kainuu Orienteering Week if willing so. First race is arranged in a same day before Kainuu Orienteering Week’s first competition, second and third during KOW rest days and fourth together in the same competition centre and with common finish line. 

Kainuu MTBO Week is part of Finnish National MTBO Cup.

1. Honkavaara skiing centre / Puolanka centre

  • Sunday 3.7.2022
  • first start 10:00
  • sprint, partly urban, partly pine forest

2. Honkavaara skiing centre / Honkavaara

  • Monday 4.7.2022
  • first start 11:00
  • middle distance, deep forest and fell area with rather scarce track network 

3. Paljakka centre / Paljakka

  • Wednesday 6.7.2022
  • first start 11:00
  • longer middle distance, fell area with paths, cabin roads, skiing tracks and slopes 

4. KOW competition centre / Luhtakangas

  • Friday 8.7.2022
  • first start 13:00
  • middle distance in fast pine forest-dominated terrain 
  • Kainuu MTBO Week final
  • Common finish line with KOW

Kainuu MTBO Week 2022: Puolanka centre 3.7. Honkavaara 4.7. Paljakka 6.7. Luhtakangas 8.7.

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